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Sparks Trailers

     The Greatness of a trailer begins in the frame, than the exterior to the interior.  To excel in all three areas is what we strive to Deliver to you !!

Some key things 

1.  All alumn frame

2.  All tube alumn

3.  Everything is 16" oc, walls, ceiling and floor

​4.  In the interior sidewalls we put a diagonal gussets every 6'-8'.

5.  All finished interiors

Did you know ???

Critical Measurements !!!  These are at the standard height, remember we can add EXTRA height !!

​Rear door height  

7' wide, flat top  66"

7' wide, round top 72"

​8 1/2 wide 75"

               8 1/2 x 26'

5200# axles, all alumn, all finished interior, helmet rack, diamond plate kick board

Diamond Plate Alumn

FOUR mountain sleds fit nicely in a 7'x29'!


Snow Trailer Options

Add 6" extra Height $400.00
Add 12" extra height $800.00
15" x 30" window $150.00
30" x 30" window $200.00
30 Amp elec panel, 4-4' fluorescent lights, 2 plug ins $600.00
add 2 extra marker lights per side, top ones only $150.00
upgrade helmet rack to cabinet $100.00
2 door oil can cabinet, 8 1/2 wide trailer only $400.00
3 door oil can cabinet, 8 1/2 wide trailer only $600.00
extra helmet rack $200.00
extra helmet cabinet $250.00
upgrade 35k axles to 52k axles $500.00
upgrade 52k to 7k $1,000.00
add 3rd 52k axle, 8 1/2 wide $1,000.00
add 3rd 35k axle, 7' wide $1,000.00
35k non matching spare $125.00
52 k non matching spare $150.00
35k matching spare $195.00
52k matching $250.00
Two Tone Front Back N/C


                     8 1/2" x 36' !!

​The Big Daddy of them all !!  32' on the square with a 4' V nose, 3-5200# axles, all finished interior, insulated ceiling, insulated walls, 30 amp electrical package, helmet cabinet, oil can cabinet, 6" extra hit, 82 1/2" rear door opening


Oil Can Cabinet

3 door on a triple axle

2 door on a tandem axle


               7'x29' Round Top

All alumn, front ramp, rear ramp, all finished interior, 30"x30" window, alumn rims, smooth side

Did you know??

On a 7' wide trailer, load from the front and start the first machine all the way to the back on the same side as the front ramp door.

           7' x 29' Flat top

​24' on the square + 5' v-nose, 6' interior hot, helmet rack, all finished interior, diamond plate kick board.  All alumn

Snow Trailer Mania

Hands Down- WE SELL the MOST Snow Trailers!!!

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If you snowmobile or ATV, we have the trailer you need!  
The American Hauler Allsport Series is manufactured specifically for YOU, if you're in the "sports" industry at all.